Saturday, October 8, 2011

All been washed in black?

That asshole just never gives up, does he?

Crusader motherfucker's back again. Seems he managed to hook up with some of his asshole friends this time. One of 'em broke in last night, almost managed to get by undetected, but actually Madi was the one that found him and raised the alarm. Bitch just can't catch a break. Probably be dead if one of those stupid twins hadn't shown up and blown the fucker's head off. Then my old buddy shows up. You know the one. Shoots Arpeggio (the twin dude. See? Stupid name) in the chest then continues on with another one of his pals until more of Legacy's goons arrive. There was some fighting, but my buddy thoughtfully leaves his comrade to take care of that while he continues on to where I can meet him. He had a nice little chat before the ass-kicking ensued. Then his cellphone goes off and he decides to cut out. His buddy showed up and knocked me out when I tried to follow 'em. Bastards.

So I wake up and find out that that wasn't all that happened. There were more of the fuckers. Legacy got caught up fighting two of 'em by himself. Had to kill one of them, but they captured the other one after he broke both the dude's legs. Why did they attack us? Well, besides just getting the opportunity to kill four of our dudes. Apparently there was one of  them that nobody ever even saw, managed to get in during all the confusion and steal the Book. Of course that was what we thought they'd try, but somehow they got past our guards and made off with it without ever being seen. So the Crusader motherfuckers have the Book now. Which of course means that Legacy is making us go get it back. Which is what we are doing right now.

Legacy got the location of their 'headquarters' out of our prisoner, after only a couple hours of torture. They're using a closed-down grocery store as their base here. I guess it's better than the shack they had in Indy. Really, who fights paranormal shit when they're so broke they can't even afford a decent headquarters for their enemies to besiege? It's just plain rude. I mean, there is nothing awesome about attacking a grocery store. Do you want your ass handed to you in paper or plastic? See, that's just dumb.

Oh, and if you're wondering why I'm posting this here when they're surely watching my blog (I mean, who wouldn't, I'm awesome); well, Legacy and his boys left about an hour ago. If heads aren't rolling by now, I can't be blamed for the failure of this mission. And y'know, it's kind of only obvious that we would. They did find that they've somehow got this place shielded so that they can't access it with the Path. Legacy is really a pussy and won't go into the Empty City, so they went on foot. I'm just hurt that they made me stick around here, as if they think I would do something stupid. When have I ever done something stupid and fucked up a mission? They're just dicks. Fuck them.

Well, my peeps, you stay frosty. Uncle Riddles love you all.

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