Wednesday, August 22, 2012

submission #2



[sounds of gunshots followed by yelling in the background, unable to pick up words. heavy breathing and footsteps pounding against wet pavement. loud crash and more gunshots before what is presumably a door being shut and locked followed by several minutes of white noise interspersed with garbled unintelligible sounds. finally:]

don't have- shit- I don't have much time...

The puppet found me again- not sure how, this place was supposed to be safe. They told me it was safe...

Ahh, damn! okay, okay- my name is leroy carter, i was an employee of the Blackwelder Corporation... I had been assigned to spy on a certain Alejandro Coronado, an agent of the entity known as the Slender Man. 987ftdhnadsf987 during a stakeout one night i was discovered and knocked out by the being that calls itself oblivion. i woke up several weekss ago in a dumpster in Seattle. i don't know what's going on anymore... i lost track of time- apparently have over a year missing from my memory. I tried t o contact my superiors but i have been unable to find any record that the Blackwelder Corporation has ever existed...

somehow though i got caught up in all this shit. i still dont' know for sure why they want to kill me, though there are a few [garbled] I don't know. heh heh it's their own damn fault, if they'd have left me alone I probably wouldn't have found out about any of this. [coughing] shit... but now I'm gonna blow the lid off the whole damn thing

Coronado is dead, killed months ago by Ridley's cousin. sure he's told you that, unless he's dead too... SHIT! [loud crash and a blast of static followed by several minutes of the sound of running]

oka-ay fuck hold on... thing is fuck he knew he was going to die, new he HAD to die then. he played all of us like like like shit i don't even fucking know. but the point is i know why the higher ups wanted to off Ridley. He was Iscariot's pupil and more loyal to him than to the organization. Coronado planted some kind of suggestion in Ridley's brain, exactly what i still can't say for certain but i think it had something to do with the Redlight cult and EAT. Dammit there's too much going on here, I don't have enough time to- shit!

calm down... Need to pull myself together andget through as much of this as I can. Iscariot wanted to get together a team that could [REDACTED],

so he set up Ridley as his successor. except that Ridley was too unpredictable and didn't follow orders. shit, okay dammit! Those motherfuckers herded me into a dead-end. Shit shit shit shit

[REDACTED] last thing you need to know is that Ridley is lying. Or someone is lying to him. The records claimed that Iscariot had been sent through time before, so maybe that was him I kill Vesuvius. Why aren't they coming in here yet? Oh fuck dammit

[very heavy distortion makes the next minute and a half unintelligible]

have to kill me first you Wooden piece of shit! [gunshots] Aaaaaahhhhhhhjp9iyadf8g9fadgmodfpipigjhsdfgh [distortion fades into a rhythmic beeping noise which continues for almost twenty minutes before the tape runs out]

apologies for having to redact some parts of the account, but we don't want our enemies getting too knowledgeable now do we

and dont worry, ridley will be back to pick up his little recap for you again soon. we've all gotten ourselves into a bit of a tricky situation it seems

be seeing you