Sunday, May 20, 2012


How 'bout all you motherfuckers just leave me the fuck alone. Go on, fuck off.

No, I'm sorry. That was rude of me. How long's it been, three, four weeks? Over two months, you say? Bullshit, it can't possibly have been that lo- FUCK!

Dear sweet baby Jesus, I do apologize. I lost track of time. In my defense though, dicking around with dimensional bleeding has been known to have effects like that. Though honestly, I actually thought I had gained some time. Which, actually, I did, but then I went and bullshitted around a lot and cancelled it out. Well no, that's not entirely true, I got shit done. Got lot's of shit done. So much shit got done, it be smellin' like done-up shit all up in this joint. Fuck that, what the fuck was I even saying? Oh yeah, shit gettin' done. Anyway...

I bet you're all wonderin' all this stuff I'm talkin' about here, am I right? Damn right I'm right. Unfortunately, at this juncture I am unable to reveal anything of significance regarding most of these matters. Sorry 'bout that, but I have my orders, and for once I intend to actually follow them. They have given me great incentive to do so. No, I will not tell you what that is. Yes, I am attempting to be mysterious and shit. It is quite fun, I must say.

Speaking of mysterious shit, the reason I came back here. A certain Jerusalem Black. It's a lovely name, it really is, don't you think? I just don't know what the hell it's doing on my blog. We're all well aware that this blog has been hijacked for cryptic shit on many previous occasions, but now they're actually getting their own accounts and adding them on here. That's wonderful, just fucking wonderful. I'm really being serious, it is wonderful, adds a touch of class to the proceedings that gets lost when you just go ahead and hack into my account to post shit. Anybody can do that. It's nice to see that I've attracted a higher caliber of cryptic asshole this time around.

I really shouldn't be taking such a long time writing this, I am very busy after all. Technically I'm not even supposed to be doing this anyway, they did order me to stop. But fuck, I've been a good boy and followed orders, I think I deserve a break. However, I am at present unable to commit to writing on here at any time in the foreseeable future. We'll see how that goes. In the meantime, I'm sure our friend "Black" can keep you all company. He'll be coming back, I have a good feeling that he shall.

In truth, I've not been keeping up with the blogosphere at all recently, so all you motherfuckers could be dead for all I know. I do know of several people for sure. Oh, but Benny-boy and the lovely Ms. Dia are still around, that's good, glad to see you folks. Stick around, shit might happen. Possibly. It's not entirely inconceivable, at any rate.

Stay frosty, assholes. I may not be watchin' anymore, but there's always someone out there.
You can rest assured of that.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Letter

Dearest Ridley,

It really isn't polite the way you've kept your fans waiting so long.

I'm sure they're just dying to know what you've been up to these last two months.

Personally, I can't wait to hear what kind of ridiculous spin you put on everything that's gone on.

Rest assured, boys and girls, this isn't nearly over yet. We have so many things to show you before all is said and done. So sit tight and wait for the show to begin again.

I've a feeling we shan't be disappointed.

Your humble servant,
On Your Way to Oblivion