Salieri's Notice

"There. That's what they needed to obtain in order to keep the Beast away. That's why that girl who wrote the journal died, because she couldn't find the last piece of the puzzle before He got to her. Her brother didn't understand the clues she left him, otherwise they might have found the last piece and escaped."

"Your people went in and ended the whole thing, passing it off as some failed ARG attempt. Burned the notebooks, everything. Somehow, though, it seems they missed something."

"All of it was on the disc. Everything. I didn't know at the time how it got to me; just got in my desk one day and there it was, sitting in the top drawer, waiting for me to find it. Nobody could have gotten into this office. Well, now I know that's rather not true, but back then I had no reason to even believe there was anything supernatural going on. That changed."

"I met him later. Man dressed in black, wearing some weird kind of mask with a bunch of long, curly hair, kind of seventeenth-century looking getup. Told me I'd have my part to play in this "grand production" and that I'd be a star if I performed well. Thought he was some nutjob and was about to call security to get him out and then fire my secretary for letting him in. Then he mentioned the disk. He was the one who put it there. He told me a little bit about the Slender Man and those two assholes you hang with, the German doctor and the Mexican. He was the one who copied the content of the notebooks onto the disk as well."

"Lied to me. But he did say I'd have to perform the part well. Guess I'm stuck just being a bit-player in this whole drama."

Gone today.