Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fragments; part 1

[these fragments are taken from the section of the Blackwelder Archives dubbed 'the Book of the Seventh Ark' by company scholars; the meaning of this title is not known, the reports of the original research crew that discovered the manuscript were all lost in a mysterious fire that broke out in the R&D Library, A.D. 19XX; the beginning of the record is not extent in any existing copies of the manuscript; author and date of composition are not known]

[...] we were later to discover that the subject [...] (h)ad become a pawn of the formerly human enti(ty) [...] only by its self-given title "OBLIVION." What exactly the OBLIVION-entity was or what were the extent of its powers, we have yet been unable to determine. Its machinations appear to be centred around an attempt to destroy a being referred to by this world's natives as the "Slender Man." All further study into the nature of this "Slender Man" has been called off by high command following the last failed attempt at gathering information, in which the entire team, consisting of thirty-four men, was wiped out by the entity. Adding in this little side operation, that brings our death toll to one hundred and seventeen thus far. High command has issued orders that we are to avoid unnecessary danger henceforth, as, they say, it is becoming increasingly expensive to replace lost personnel. As such, all [...]

[fragment missing]

[...] to continue on with the excavation of the Nekross portal site. If not for the fact that we are now very close to finding the envoy of the Darkness on this world, we would already have left. The Dimensional Bleeding has spread at an unprecedented rate here, so that Dr. Nagast has surmised that we have at most only two weeks before this universe completely Collapses. That would make only about three months between Breach and Collapse. Such rapid deterioration of [...] has never been observed before; Professor Abendroth hypothesizes that this may be due to the nature of the [...]

[this portion of the fragment was badly damaged and only some random parts could be deciphered]

[...] cleansing fire from out of the Archangel's Tomb, they might possibly be able to [...] that if there was ever a [...] seventeen of the test subjects that [...] later had to be removed from the [...] (Col)lapse of the anteri(or) [...] severed chest of the Nekross envoy. High Command has demanded that we retreat immedia(tely) [...]

[end first fragment]


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