Monday, January 16, 2012

You might be dead and gone

//\\bullet through the window and through Salieri's brain. Doc starts swearing in German, muttering about how he's gonna punish the twins for disobeying orders. Personally, I just figured we needed to call it a day and get the fuck out before//\\

Salieri: How the fuck did you people get in here? This place is supposed to be shielded! You shouldn't have been able to even find-

 : Yes, well. Life's a bitch, huh?

Ridley: Too bloody right. Okay Salli, what say we go ahead and-

Salieri: Oh, go fuck yourself Ridley!

Ridley: Now that was just rude and entirely uncalled for.

Salieri: Why the fuck are here? Working for Jonas again? I'd think even the fabled "Slender Man" would be unable to forget what that bastard tried to-

Ridley: All very interesting, Salli, but that ain't really what we're here for.

"What the fuck are you doing here? I thought I made it very clear that I - "

Salieri: So what? You want the Artifact, is that it? I won't give it up, I know what Jonas wants to use it for.

 : So do we.

Glory: Artifact?

Ridley: Oh you don't have to worry about Jonas. He's not gonna be hanging around for much longer. We was just wondering... If you figured out what it was for, how come you didn't use it?

Salieri: Heheh... And do what? Kill the monster? I'm not stupid, I read the journal that was with it. I kill the thing in suit, it creates a power vacuum, everything goes to hell. Well, even more than it is. Just like with Blackwelder. 

Glory: What the hell is he talking about?

 : How did you...

Ridley: Blackwelder?

Salieri: I'm sorry, I assumed you already knew.

Salieri tried to shoot himself, but Doc had managed to slip behind him and liberate him of his gun. There was a bit of an argument regarding the //\\ Glory just shoots Doc in the head when Hazendorf (who, sorry, I don't believe I've introduced you all to him quite yet) bursts in, his shirt stained with blood, and informs us that some men from Jonas' company had just arrived outside, and they'd killed Zeon. Naturally, everyone was now united in purpose and we all helped one another get the fuck out of there without any kind of bickering or anything like that at all. Because we tight like that.//\\Shit.

"NO! Get that fucking thing out of here! Are listening to me? Get it the fuck away - "

Glory: Just what the hell is going on here? What haven't you two told me?

 : This... isn't right. But it doesn't matter. We still have to kill you regardless.

Salieri: Oh really? If I might be allowed an answer myslef, I should like to inquire as to why you haven't already.

Glory: I'd actually like to know myself. And what is this artifact he mentioned? Is this why you brought that bitch?

Ridley: Hey!

 : I can't answer that. I was only doing what Alejandro asked me to.

Ridley: I don't really think this is the time or place to be discussing this. We're running out of time.

"The Doctor said he'd keep it away from me! Stop, no"

Salieri: Oh, this is too rich.

Glory: When exactly were we going to discuss this? Now we're taking orders from that asshole again, too? What exactly is it that we're doing here?

 : Well, you see- SHIT!

Glory: Oh my god!

Ridley: Son of a bitch! And I just had this jacket cleaned!

 : Dumme Kinder! I'll fucking whip those little bastards when we get back.

Ridley: Well, it's too late now. Let's just forget about Salli, and-

 : We still need the-

Ridley: What the fuck did you do?

Glory: We're not listening to him anymore. Let's fucking go!


 //\\and about a dozen of the mooks come in through the side, all guns a-blazin'. We managed to get out of their line of fire on the stairs luckily, but we also couldn't hit them without exposing ourselves. The twins showed up and started shooting at them from the roof. By that point we only had about three minutes or so left until _____ ___ showed up again, so we were cutting it pretty closely. So we were kind of relieved when Madi finally came up from the basement, and we could see that she had the artifact with her. All cool, we could get the fuck out, head home, be done with this shit and chillax.

Then Madi's head explodes.

One of the mercenaries wasn't quite dead yet and shot her in the face. Glory took him out, we retrieved the Artifact from the body, and skedaddled. //\\ So no, it wasn't exactly a clean job. But at the very least it got tied up. Mostly. I mean, we still don't know how Jonas had figured out that Salieri had the Artifact. Unless of course, he was lying about just "happening to stumble upon it." I'm not gonna judge, they're both dead.
Doc's gonna be so pissed that Glorianna shot him. 

Stay frosty.

I see Ridley's been neglecting you all. Only fair you have an idea of just how gottverdammte smoothly that job went.

//\\the last life of the night shall be fulfilled when the false knights are defeated and then shall we take our place as the rightful heirs to the great Oracle! Hail the Bloodless! Hail the Deathless! Hail Redlight!

Now if you'll excuse me, Ridley was correct. I am pissed. I'm going to go take out my anger on the source.


  1. Oh... fuck.

    I umm... I thought I posted that. I swear. Dammit. Regardless, there was no need to butcher it like that. You don't have to be such a bitch all the time.

  2. Well this was certainly interesting. It's hard to pretend things went well when someone's editing your posts, huh?

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