Saturday, February 4, 2012

I said you, You think you own I took away, Made it my own


But the shit has hit the fan.


Shut up. Anyhow, Glorianna, my dear cousin, never did enjoy this sweet gig as much as I did. She kind of hated Iscariot, 'cause y'know <he was the one that got us into this whole thing right? Among some... other things. So I suppose it shouldn't have come3 as too much of a surprise that she tries to get back at the crazy old fart. Is it my fault? Should I have known that she was gonna kill him? Eh, could be. What evs.

So yeah, Archy-boy is dead. And just when I was gonna try and get some answers out of him, too. No, I was, totally. That hgetting drunk -passing out in the middle of town was just an afternoon thing, and then we was gonna ge7t down to business. I can't keep myself on a leash all the time you understand. Umm yes... regardless... Glorianna's dead too. Death's He3ad shot her right afterwards, so yeah. We've not been getting along too well of late. Hazendorf is alright with me (mostly) 'cause we used to be on the same squad a long time ago, but I'm sure shit's going to go down between him and Head 55sometime soon. And as for Doc, well, he stopped back in earlier today, didn't bat an eye at anything that's happened, and then left without seeming to have done anything.

Let's face it, we're crazy here. And it's only getting worse.

Methinks it's past time the Big Boss assigned us to do anything. Anything at all. We obviously shouldn't be left to our own devices for too long, or shit7 like this happens. Dear Lord, I'm actually asking for work. What has become of me?

I- I really don't know what to say here.

Don't need me to say nothin'. I'm perfectly well; that whole breakdown before? Merely the insanity setting in. It most definitely was not shock or anything like that, so keep the fuck out. Monkies. It's monkeys. Fuck me. I apologize for not brightening anyone's blogs up with sexy and enlightening comments recently. There's really no excuse, I'm just drunk and lazy. Stop that. Where once there was so much Ridley that it could not be contained in one awesome blog, but had to be spread all over the blagosphere, it now has become quite clear that u9pypnydifgvh; everything is fine I'm just a busy guy, absolutely nothing going on down here. What I mean to say is 89pasdffhvkubukasdf I have shti to do adn everyone needs to just deal not come aroudn here no more I just can't fucking keep up. I'm a badass motherfucker certainly, but Jegus, there are like a million of you assholes nowadays. Like, I thought there were a lot of you guys way back when I first started on here, but dayamm!!! You're like rabbits, just keep multiplyin'. Someone needs to get out the wooden spoon so that we can neuter the shit out of these kids always fuckin' around these people nowadays. Try coherence. Vastly overrated, I assure you. I prefer a more kill all the peoples of running! ???



I disgust me. Suck it up. All my peeps, keep the frostiness. Ignore that one.
Had an accident, did we Rids?

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  1. you...are weird. you are very weird.

    i, whitelight, dub thee...//The Real Slim Shady//.