Tuesday, February 21, 2012

ur cru el device your blood like ice
oNe look cOuld kill my pain your Thrill

Boys and giRls, ladies and gentlemen, hellO

steaK would be dElicious thaNk you yes i'd luv Some

yOu know i Really should get some moRe posts up its reallY very nice TO get all my shit ijn orDer and I love yo uguyS youre greAt

this Place is just fantastic truly sPlendid just splendid yes idneed its splendid! you knOw that it Is elsewise you'd not be here would would you/ i thiNk noT it's realy jsut fantastic i love reading all the stories theat pepole rihhgt on ehre y'know becuase i'm so alone here
so very alone don't knwo how i got here becuase because eveythign just disappear and all ridlye's friends gone and YOU DOC youre my best feeind you know

Ridley be sure to take real good care a' you.

Stay frosty

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