Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fuck you Archy

What the fuck man, really ya couldn't just call me to tell me that? Y'know, cause I was fucking driving an shit? If not for the fact that Glorianna happened to stumble across it while reading through my bookmarks we never woulda caught it. Seriously bro, what the motherfuck?

Anywho, yeah we did run into crazy masked guy at that rest stop and he did indeed try to attack us. Luckily, we had Archangel's shittily planned (shittily? that sounds weird) warning and were ready for the dickhole. Zeon saw him lurking around, waiting for us, and snuck up behind the fucker to knock him out with a tire iron. We took his mask off and, lo and behold... we have no damn clue who this fucktard is. Really, I have never seen this ugly face before in my life, so I don't know who the hell this is messing with us like this. But if he's really been around since way back like Archy said and he seems to know how to find us, this is the second time he's managed to show up like this, then he must know something. And we all know what to do with people who know things they won't tell, don't we? Mwhahahahahahahah!

Oh, and another thing Archy, go fuck yourself. Shit, Lucifer was part of some plan by the Master. That crazy nigga got all inside my head and moved shit around and shit. And shit. Not like I made it difficult, I know what with going all off the deep end and followin' Red's orders to kill and all that. But fuck man, y'all coulda let me in on shit, I can keep secrets. Fuck, I don't hafta ta tell these asshats nothing. Work with me, dawg, work with me.

Enough of that shit. We're here at the Ark. Talked with Othello, had some drinks, raised a glass to good ol' Phantasm. She never did like putting up with my shit, but she was a good comrade. Wonder who's gonna run this shtick here with Maalik and her both gone now. Oh, and the kid. Salem's about like we expected, the same creepy blank expression as always, didn't react at all to finding out that dear old mom was dead. I really don't know what's up with that kid, I mean fuck. Eh, whatever, don't really matter now, do it?

Anyway, I should get back to torturing this fucktard. Masks, honestly. What is it with the Chosen who wear masks all the time anyway, you idiots stand out like a gangster at a Beethoven concert. Heh, that was fun. But dumbasses. Even I can manage to not be that stupid. Yes, Koney-dawg, I admit to my stupidity and carry on, fuck you.

Stay frosty peeps. As always, we're watching.

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