Friday, June 24, 2011


Alright, so I guess the old fart wants me to report in. Don't know what his deal is, though according to Fifi he's been talkin' to himself lately. Eh, whatever. You want me to put this up, I'll put the damn thing up. Get the fuck off my back, huh?

So anyways, the operation went off perfectly. Had my boys start a little bit of a trouble at the hotel, get people evacuated an' shit. Lovely. Alright, so they went in and pulled the fire alarm, whatever. It still worked great. Of course, our two targets figured out pretty quickly what was going on and high-tailed it out of there. But they've been running free for too ttoo long, and they wasn't gettin' away this time, no sir. We'd taken the liberty of emptying the gasoline from their vehicle before we started this operation; okay, I'm retarded, I should have thought of that before, go fuck yourself. Well of course we've already got a big panic, people pushin' and shovin' to get out of the building, firetrucks on their way here (we couldn't disappoint them, so some of the boys decided to light the hotel kitchen on fire, and then the gas line kind of caught and exploded), fun times, baby. Anyway, these fools are trying to escape in the middle of all this and find that their car ain't going anywhere, so they take off, tryin' to stay in the crowd but my peeps were waitin' for em and pulled them into an alley.

Where I was waiting.

So the boys drag these two over to me so that I can deliver a little smackdown as repayment for trying to run me over the last time. Sirens were getting a bit too close for comfort then, so we decided to pack up and get the hell outta there. We'd been stayin' at... fuck it, I know some'a y'all know where this place is. Anyway we get into the truck, pick up the rest of our peeps and take off. We're nearly back when this jackass wearing a mask jumps out in front of the car. What? Really? Yeah, like we was gonna stop, the stupid shit jumped outta the way at the last minute. Thing is though, I swear I've seen that guy before. The mask, it looked familiar, as did his willingness to do very very stupid shit. But I can't think why exactly. Whatever, if it were important it'd come to me.

Oh, and Phantasm, stop calling here and bitching at me. I don't why the little shit is here and I don't know how the little shit got here. It's not my fault, I just deal with the situation as it comes to me. You really should come get the kid though, being all creepy and shit, keeps muttering something about 'coming to terms' or something. It's freaky an' I don't like it.

Uh, and I hope y'all didn't do anything stupid. Cross ain't no pussy, he ain't like me and dumb enough to get a friggin' crate dropped on his ass, and the Master's been lettin' him get away with this shit he's doin' for a long time.

I do start to get worried when it seems like I'm the most sane person around here.

Stay frosty bitchez. This is Riddles, signing off. Like a boss!

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