Monday, June 27, 2011

So uh, yeah...

I'm sure y'all have seen this by now. Didn't comment on it the other day because... wait, except I did, I mentioned Phantasm and Cross and... fuck, hold on peeps

Shit, my head. I don't fucking know, I don't remember reading that before, but then it's like I already knew about what was going on. Who the fuck keeps posting this shit? I managed to get ahold of Othello at the Ark. So basically, this is what he says went down:

Cross had arrived a few days earlier, returning from his business over in Europe, stopping by to chill until he received the rest of his new orders, which he refused to tell anyone about. Now Cross is a rather secretive dude, and he don't normally hang with the rest of us, we really only see him on the rare occasion that his business brings him through someplace like the Ark. Phantasm was tired of his shit and wanted to know what the hell he was doing there. Othello blocked him from escaping while Phantasm punched him in the face. Cross got pissed and jumped at her, Othello grabbed him first and tossed him across the room. Cross drew his sword (yeah, the guy walks around with a sword), manages to stab Othello and then slice Phantasm before bolting. Phantasm's dead, apparently he fucked her up pretty good. Othello's unique situation saved him though he's got Gatsby on security duty for a while. He doesn't know what the hell happened to Cross after he left. But I do have an idea of what he may have been after, Archangel knew more than he was telling us when Lucifer showed up and I think he knows something about this too, so I'ma hafta check that out.

Now other things. It seems he really dont know anything about Lucifer or the Black eyed kids, though he was there with us when we took Lucifer's ass down. And since Archy ain't answerin' my calls, I'll be headin' back up to Maine with my two captives. And a couple of ma boys, backup is probably a good idea, no?

I still have Archy's hypothesis to test out, and Othello says the thing is still safely hidden away, so it just awaits my arrival with the final pieces. I have high expectations for all kinds of time travel-induced space-time fuckery to occur, I'd better not be disappointed.

Uncle Ridley is on the road again  bitchez. Oh shit, I'd better pick up something for the Princess too on the way back, don't wanna give a bad first impression. Well, first impression in person, we've talked and she loves me, I want to make sure to keep that up. Normally people don't seem that keen on me for reason.

I know, I just don't understand it either.

Stay frosty. We'll be comin' for ya.

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