Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What the Hell?

So I called Coronado up after seeing that last post over on Time Bleeds. I mean, weird shit happening to us ain't unusual but somehow this just don't seem right. He sounded very distracted and he kept talking to someone else over there. Sounded like he was talking to some little kid or something, I don't know. Archy's been in the biz for such a long time, I suppose it was inevitable he'd start to crack eventually. Things that mortal creatures ain't supposed to see an' all that shit, y'know.

Now back to me. Still stuck in goddamn Boston and it's getting tiring. So Imma have to flush out these fools soon and get them back on the run and into someplace that I can take them out. I do believe I have something worked out, we'll have to see. Master wouldn't like it if I caused too big a commotion, mustn't draw attention to ourselves. But whatever, Master's been angry with me before, that ain't nothing new. I mean, I can't help it if I'm just damn good at what I do. Most a the time anyway. I still want my rematch with that pussy Konaa, but I guess I probably should let my leg heal up case he tries to drop shit on me again. Bitch.

I'm gonna go check on some shit. I think I know how to get these runners exactly where I want them.
Cheerio, stay frosty, and all that other shit.


  1. You should have your own comedy routine.
    A proxie that can't take down newbie runner?
    Now that's hilarious.
    You have truly brightened my day.

  2. Y'know what? Blow me asshole.

    I got my fuckin' leg broken and somebody's gonna hafta get their ass kicked for that. You feel like steppin' up to the plate dickwad?