Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Iscariot here.

So as I am sure you are all aware, the Master decided that Ridley's attempt to kill Konaa right in front of the Princess was going to far, and decided to make sure he would not try anything stupid like that again. It has not... quite worked out as planned.

The Master sent Ridley into a Labyrinth and broke his mind down to about that of the slaves, in the hope that Ridley might understand what fate awaits him the next time he decides to so blatantly disregard orders. However, Ridley's will is apparently a bit stronger than anticipated and, in such a broken state, is rather insane. I know what you might be thinking, that Ridley is insane as it is. That is not entirely true. Ridley is not nearly as crazy as his behavior most of the time would suggest. He is quite capable of acting rationally, if he only wanted to, but he says he enjoys acting like a madman far more. That is not to say that he is not really mad, oh he is very much, just not nearly so much as he would have you all believe.

Alas, I digress. You have seen the mad things Ridley has been posting on here and we were content to just let him do so for a while. However, those last two posts are not simply a product of Ridley's fractured mind, not unless something is going very wrong. This morning I was informed that apparently, Ridley had somehow escaped the Labyrinth, and was hanging out around town, quite his normal self. Thus I returned, only to find such claims seemingly fabricated, as Ridley was still in his little cell where I had lsat seen him, trollling the comments once again. I did notice that he was currently in the process of sending another threatening comment to the Princess and promptly took care of that. His computer privileges have been revoked for the time being, and shall likely remain so until he can manage to pull himself together or until the Master decides to let him out. I made an attempt to talk the Master into releasing him, as it has clearly broken him quite enough already, but alas my requests remain unheard. I suppose I should consider it lucky that the Master has not thought it necessary to just get rid of him yet. Many others have been disposed of for doing far less.

I have been rather busy between keeping up with Miss Fiona and some... other business. As such, I have not the time at the moment to look into what exactly has been going on with Ridley in, it seems, about the last twenty-four hours or so. Nonetheless when I do have time, I may get to it. Until then however, I really must fiinishing this and taking off.


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