Thursday, November 10, 2011

But you and I we've been through that, And this is not our fate

I ran into Legacy earlier.

He's looking terribly not well. He wouldn't tell me what the hell happened to him after he just disappeared, but he was covered in dirt and blood and looking generally like shit. At one point he had a nice coughing fit and hacked up some black shit. I noticed his eyes were... the veins in his eyes had turned black it looked like.

I had been up in the tower, trying to sleep 'cause you know it's been four days I think that I've been in here and I needed some fucking sleep. Now of course I didn't figure on getting a good night's rest in this crazy ass place, but I didn't really expect to get dragged off someplace in my sleep. I probably should have, but fuck if I wasn't fucking tired. And besides, I kind of didn't expect there to be angels in this hellhole. Yeah, angels motherfucker, with wings and halos, and white robes and armor and flaming swords and shit. They had helmets on covering their whole heads, so I couldn't see whether or not they actually look like ugly fat babies.

But anyhow, I wake up and I'm not where I fell asleep at. I look around and see these fuckers standin' all around and I'm fuckin' tied up y'know and I'm just like 'shit, what the fuck man?' but they ain't payin' no mind to me at all. Then one of 'em comes over and presses the tip of its sword to my chest, which I believe I mentioned they had flaming swords, fucking burned me with it. It kinda tilted its head staring down at me an' just let me sit there with a flaming sword cutting through my ribcage for a few minutes before finally letting up and moving on.

I still do not know what the hell they were planning to do to me there. It was only a couple minutes after that that Legacy showed up and beat the fuckers all down with his bitchin' crazy ass mindfucked revenant powers. I think. He unties me and I'm like hey Legacy, what the fuck you doin', you been gone for a while bro. And he's just like 'Cryptic bullshit motherfucker' and dances off with the fairies. Okay, maybe I made part of that up. It was so much cryptic as it was bullshit.

So he starts talkin' shit, crazy shit, just real fast talking and not even really caring if I'm listening or not. He's sayin' some stuff that sounds familiar, I've seen on this blog before and in the future, about the Scarlet Knights and the Beast. I couldn't really make sense of most of it. There was one point where he grabs me and starts yelling at my face that we need to get the Book back, it has to be destroyed so we can seal the Aperture before the Angel is released. Blacklight was going to kill the Archangel and something about a man with the 'sign of the Operator' emblazoned on his jacket would come and destroy the Blackwelder's Account.

Then suddenly he stops and just walks off down the corridor. I yelled at him like what the fuck bro? and he turns back briefly.

"Everyone is going to die, Ridley. It is inevitable. To fight death is foolish. Do not turn from the service of the Old Gods, for only in them does eternity lie."

And then he walked off like a motherfucker.

Shit, five days now in this place, I need to get the fuck out before I start going looney as well.

Stay frosty, my bitches.

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  1. If serving Them meant immortality, I'd promptly shoot myself.