Sunday, November 6, 2011

Told you I'm awake. Swallowing you.

Hahaha. Finally making some goddamn progress here.

I found Cadence. Creepy little fuck though he is, it's nice to have a familiar face around. The Boss tends to have a bit of a problem in that department. Whatever, it's all chill. The two of us managed to track down that fuck in the red suit and blow his fucking head off. I guess I now know where the blood splatters I saw in the corner office earlier were from. It's nice when this time bullshit syncs up someway that I have an actual clue as to what the fuck is going on.

It'd be wonderful if everything could turn out so that I had some idea what the fuck was going on. Like that bullshit with Legacy earlier. Though to be be honest, I just think he's off his rocker. It was bound to happen eventually.

Cadence and I did run into Sullivan at one point during our travels. The damn traitor remains as slippery as ever, though one of us did manage to hit him. Followed that blood trail around for a little while before it ended twenty feet straight up the side of a wall and, being that neither of us are Spider-Man, we were unable to continue.

One thing that's nice about having the little freak here with me is that now one of us can sleep while the other stands guard. And by that I of course mean I sleep while he stands guard. No more getting dragged off by angels for this nigga, no sir. My leg still ain't healed up from my little adventure up in the tower. I don't think they're very happy about that. At least I only ran into one of 'em last time; it was a simple matter to just jump the fucker and carve his wings off. Burnt my hands up something fierce, but nevertheless...

Shit... four days in this place... at least that's what the computer says. I don't really trust it though since earlier it said the year was 1902. But hey, the Scott Joplin tunes in the background were loads better than the shit that I normally have to hear. It's difficult to get to sleep when somewhere, somewhen you can hear the sounds of someone being murdered. Possibly by me.

I can't believe I'd be so inconsiderate of myself.

Anyway, I'm hoping we can find the girls if they're still alive and/or make it to the lobby so we can finally get the hell out of this place. I don't really give one shit about the Book anymore, it can stay in this fucking place til the end of time for all I care. Good riddance to the fucking thing.

Stay frosty.

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