Thursday, November 3, 2011

I used to love her, but I had to kill her


I've passed through that same room three more times now. And of course it looks different each time. First there was a trail of blood going through it, which I decided I may as well try to follow, because let's face it, what else am I going to do. That led me into a restroom, where the trail stopped at a fucking drain in the middle of the goddamn room. Wonderful. So I walk out, and I'm not in the hallway that I had just entered through, oh no, I now found myself back up in that half-finished area on the top floor. That annoying ass squawking started up again, so I hauled my ass the hell outta that place before... well most likely I would've just become very irritated, but that'd be all I fucking need right now.

So I go down the stairs, I'm walking down and going up for a little while, finally coming out on the balcony on the ceiling of the lobby. I'm thinkin' hey awesome, maybe I can figure out how to fucking get back down there for real now and I can just go through the front door. But where would we be if it just allowed people to do such things? I wouldn't be still in this place for one thing. So I take the elevator down because looking up at what's supposed to be the floor is making dizzy; the elevator doors open and I'm looking right out on that same fucking room again.

No blood this time, in fact there were a lot of things missing, as it appeared to be under construction. One thing that had been added was a pissed off foreman who accused me of trespassing, and then attempted to forcibly throw me out when I was only trying to make friendly conversation about his mother. Some people. I shot him in the face but he was undeterred and merely spat blood on me. Unsanitary and rude under any circumstances, but moreso when you apparently have acidic alien blood that has burned a hole in my fucking jacket and left me with a nice scar. I fled from the crazy construction worker, being that I don't really have any ways of killing people with corrosive blood, and very nearly fell to my death when I discovered that the door behind me now opened to the outside, somewhere around the 17th floor I think.

Luckily, it seems that the maze decided to cut me some slack for once, having left my pursuer behind somewhere hopefully far away. I ran around for another I-don't-know-how-much-time-but-I'd-reckon-an-hour-or-two, including a nice little stint there where I kept walking through a door and coming out back into the same room. Eventually, as you may guess since I mentioned it already and I'm just skipping over lots of really interesting shit, I came upon the room again. It was quite a wonderful feeling when I was distracted by the same stupid room showing up again and put my foot in Roulette's skull. God, now I've got his fucking brain juices all over my damn shoes. Getting tired of this crap. Getting tired of looking at these fucking bodies.

Oh yeah, the other one I kind of put there myself. That hot chick in the red outfit attacked me and I had to bash her brains out with the railing. It's truly very sad. I told you guys how hot she was, right? 'Tis not a total loss though, I did manage to find some interesting things in her pockets. A cell phone, some rock with that stupid symbol carved into it (the cross, not the other stupid one), a knife, $20, a broken flash drive, some bullets, leather straps, her sexy perfume, and some playing cards. In other words, it was a total loss. Stupid useless crap. I'm going through the numbers in the phone though, bound to find something in there maybe.

Shit, the shadows are moving again. Catch you motherfuckers later.

Keep it frosty.


  1. It was a turning point in his career, but he did not know it.

  2. You could always use the playing cards to fuck with people?