Monday, March 12, 2012


My dear Ridley,

You do so enjoy making yourself look good, don't you?

Slender Man saved you from the bureaucrats? Hardly. It isn't nice to lie to your faithful following like that. 

Don't think I care about you. I just couldn't bear the thought of anyone other than myself punching your ticket. Especially not those pencil-pushers who are all going to be dead as soon as... Apologies, that would be spoilers.

Also, I do hope you enjoyed my little present. You were quite right, the Dying Man did use up Legacy's body quite some time ago. What's been following you these last few months is something entirely different.

Too bad I had to make reality unstable just to pull it off, but what fun would life be without a little risk? I've had too long a vacation. OBLIVION did his job well enough while he lasted, but he was only ever meant to be a distraction.

The real fun starts now, my boy.

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