Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I am the shadow, and the smoke in your eyes

So the stalking begins. Really it started about a week ago, but eh, details.

Basically, that is what we've been doing for the last week. Stalking. And let me tell ya, this girl really ain't that interesting. Fuck. Go to school, come home, do shit on computer, eat dinner, more computer, sleep... day after day after day AFTER FUCKING DAY!!! The monotony is killing me. And I have to say, it'd be pretty embarassing and just fucking stupid to die of boredom in this line of work. I mean, fuck! Even after we left her some cryptic messages scrawled on the wall of her bedroom, she barely reacted in any way. Sure, she's clearly getting more paranoid, but I was kind of hoping that would lead to interesting things happening. Y'know, like trying to run away. I have managed to learn that she has read a number of the blogs, so I was sort of looking forward to her copying all of you in doing the wrong things. But no, she's still trying to be in denial about 'ol Tall, Dark, and Skinny. Ahh well, I'll get to fix that soon enough, I guess.

In other, semi-related, matters, Madi is coming along quite well in her training. I was very pleased with how quickly she came to grasp the essence of the fine art of leaving bullshit cryptic messages. Making people do amusing and pointless things so we can laugh until it's time to kill 'em. As I said, it's not really working so well in this situation, but at least Madi has come to share in my frustration, and I can mess with her too. She's really rather a fast learner if she'd just apply herself. (What the fuck, did I really just say that? Jeezus.)

Shit, I'm so bored. I apologize, my peeps. There just ain't much for me to report in on. I'll be sure to have something for y'all next time though, I promise.  

Oh hey, there was an incident a couple days ago, I guess. In which I was approached by some strange people. Two strange people, to be precise. Crazy lookin' guys in rags n' shit. So these guys corner as I'm walking through town, vandalizing public property, y'know, just minding my own business and shit, and they... just stop and stare at me for a couple minutes. I mean honestly, that's what they fucking did. Backed me into a corner and then just stared at me. I was caught severely off-guard by such... odd-ness that I just kinda stood there dumbfounded for a little while before just slipping out and continuing on my way. I have absolutely no idea who these freaks were, but seriously, just... just what the hell, I don't even...

It's been a boring and yet interesting week.


I need to stab someone.

Anyway peeps, stay frosty. As usual. Fuck this shit. Fuck fuck fuck fuckety fuck.
wake the dead shake your head
sing it alice! mwhahahaha!!!


  1. Sure, I tend to travel, so if you do I guess we'd be fellows. But I don't believe I know you. Your little bloggety-blog thing over there is mighty strange to say the least. Not that I dislike it. Quite my style, I'd say.

    But hey, if you ever find yourself in the 'hood stop by for some beers or somethin'.

    Stay frosty.