Thursday, September 22, 2011

don't hesitate, or you'll live in your own hell

riddle me this

if the black man's in the forest
and the black man has the book
when the devil writes his name inside
whence does the tall man look?

if the tall man kills the false priest
and the maiden plays with dolls
if the devil's hidden in the trees
where did the black man fall?

seven times they each must die
the devil was given a second chance by the angel in the suit
the black man was given the Book by the false priest
before the angel killed the Beast for good?
last of all was the maiden
the black man and the Book must decide her fate

too late it will be too late

a path along an empty city
lined with leaves of black
the suited man
the puppet girl
the man who feeds on death
there are the hunters that would kill them all
the servants in hiding whose master has died
and the omega shall usher the end

riddle me this
and above all

keep it frosty peeps

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