Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Criminy. Ridley saw that I posted here. Now he's demanding that I write stuff for him until his stupid hand heals up. What a crybaby.

Oh for the love of... he's standing behind me right now pointing his gun at my head. He just smacked me on the back of the head with it. Methinks the man doth take this far too serious. I don't even know what he expects me to put down here, nothing particularly interesting has happened since I wrote yesterday. I have been reading through some more of these blogs in my free time. They tend to fall into one of two categories: drivel and rather amusing if atrociously-written comedy. Honestly, can't you folks convey any idea without dropping f-bombs ever other word? It's simply barbaric.

Yes Ridley, I am referring to you as well. No, I shall not be looking up lyrics for one of your idiotic rock and roll songs for the title. If it bothers you, well I just don't particularly care if it bothers you.

Alright, alright, I'll put that down. Quit screeching at me. That man that's been watching the hideout was back again. We noticed him rather easily today, seeing as he was the only person just standing out in the rain getting drenched. Legacy wanted to send the twins out after him, but Madi yelled at him for sending children out in the rain. I've never seen anyone yell at Legacy before; he seemed to be too shocked to think of anyway to respond to her. It didn't matter by that point anyway; following that little exchange we saw that the man had run off again. This is just becoming rather irritating at this point. We're the ones who watch and stalk people. Somebody trying to play that game with us, sooner or later they'll slip up and then they'll be a dead man. Sweet justice...

Ridley appears satisfied with this update. He's leaving now anyway, so I could just as easily delete all this. But then he'd only check on it later and then shoot me in the kneecap while I'm reading the paper. Or something ungentlemanly like that. What a douche.


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