Friday, December 2, 2011

Hey, you're crazy bitch

That whore. I'm gonna kill her.

On another note: Glorianna, where the fuck are you? Get in contact, bitch. Doc's here and he's having a pissing fit. Apparently Mr. Jonas wants me to do another job for him. And you know how Doc gets. You should come back, we can team up again, cos. It'll be sweet.

Stay frosty.


  1. Honestly, I'm just glad you used "you're" instead of "your", I now offically like you, just for that.

    See you around

  2. Fuck you, I told you to stop calling me that.
    Don't tell me you're honestly going to do anything for Jonas. I'll get your mom in this Ridley; you know she'll tear a new one.

    Oh, and Doc can go fuck himself too, the old perv. I swear to god, if he so much as looks at me funny I WILL kill him this time.

  3. Glorianna...? Jesus, you all have some strange names.

    Why are you going to kill the crazy bitch again?